Backend Development, App Development / March 2021 - Ongoing

Backend Development, App Development

March 2021 - Ongoing

CMES preview image.

A volunteer project I’m working on with Techies Without Borders.

About the Project

The mission of CMES is to enable medical practitioners in resource-constrained areas to improve patient care, by providing access to cutting-edge medical literature. We currently provide two solutions: a USB drive with content synchronization on-the-go, and CMES-Pi, a Raspberry Pi-based server which provides access to content via web and mobile apps.

Learn more about the project on the official website.

CMES Mobile App

I’m one of the developers for the CMES mobile app, an integral part of the CMES-Pi solution. The app is the preferred way to access continuing medical education (CME) content on a mobile device, providing medical practitioners with the ability to browse and download content for offline reading and listening.

Browse CME content: The most convenient way to view CME content on your mobile device.
Download files for later: Read and listen to CME content on the go.

The mobile app is built using Capacitor and Ionic Angular, and the CMES-Pi web app is built with PHP.

CMES Admin Panel

As part of both USB and CMES-Pi solutions, we use an internal web app that provides administrators with the ability to manage CME content. In addition to working on the web interface, I also work on the backend side to ensure that CME content is uploaded and tagged correctly.

The admin panel is built using PHP.

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