UI/UX Design, App Development / May 26, 2022

UI/UX Design, App Development

May 26, 2022

coffeetype banner

coffeetype is a minimalistic typing test built with Java Swing. It was my final project for AP Computer Science A.

Logo Design

Moodboard and color palette.

Based on the moodboard and color palette, I knew I wanted a dark color palette for the app's background. I also tweaked the orange color to better fit the overall aesthetic of the design.

Different logo variants with different background colors.
Banner showcasing the logo.

The typeface used in the logo is Lexend Deca.

UI Design

I started with a couple of concept sketches, and turned two of them into high-fidelity prototypes.

First variant of the design.
Second variant of the design.

I decided to go with the second variant because it had more originality and was easier to implement, given the limited timeframe of this project.


Customize your test: display different stats during tests.
View test history: view stats of previous tests.

For me, the biggest constraint of this project was the requirement of using Java Swing. I made several compromises to the layout and functionality to keep the project moving forwards and on track. Some features I scrapped were the leaderboard functionality, different typing modes, and the multiplayer functionality.

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