Post Modern Advertisement

Graphic Design / November 16, 2021

Graphic Design

November 16, 2021

Post modern advertisement for the Sony Walkman.

The poster was created using Adobe InDesign, and the Walkman drawing was created in Excalidraw. Fonts used are Neue Haas Grotesk Display, Franklin Gothic URW, and Flegrei.

What is something you are proud of/find successful/you learned from this project?

I think the layout is successful, as well as the choice of typography. I also like how the Walkman I drew as a conceptual draft ended up making it into the final advertisement. I learned to keep trying new ideas and experimenting with different designs.

With regards to your own poster advertisement: What is something that you would change or think could be improved upon?

I think that I could have done something more interesting with the background of the poster.

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