I'm Brendan, a developer and second year student at Chapman University.

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Me standing in the woods.

In August 2022, I started studying computer science at Chapman University's Fowler School of Engineering.

I chose this path because I view engineering as an art form, a method of communication with an audience that spans billions. Computer science is the means to understanding the toolset required for success.

Through a strong focus on academics, I was selected for the Provost’s List award in spring and fall 2023. I also participate in several engineering-related clubs and served as the graphic designer for Chapman’s iOS Developers Club.

In January 2024, I attended CruzHacks 2024 representing Chapman’s Computer Science Club, winning the President’s Pick award with our project.

In the future, I aspire to be a software engineer who challenges the status quo. I consider myself a calculated risk-taker, a critical thinker, who stops at nothing and dares to dream about future ambitions.

Project Philosophy

I work on a variety of personal projects and contracted work. In each project, I try to adhere to a set of guiding principles.


I work on projects that I personally believe in.
I'm more interested in projects where I can see the impact on real-world users.


I move fast through clear communication and an efficient work style.
I prefer to maximize efficiency through focus sessions, comprehensive documentation, and asynchronous communication.


I care equally as much about the process as the final product.
I aim to leave behind something that can be iterated upon.

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